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Tips to combat writer's block

Start writing or stop writing. Pick up a pen or a laptop or take a walk. Writer's block comes in many forms. Sometimes it's the inability to get started at all or there are challenges moving ahead until a logistical issues gets worked out. An example of the later is this: "Meg is looking forward to getting to Harper's Ferry in a week so she can..." Then I stop and think 'wait, is a week the right time frame at this point in her journey?' My advice to myself then is to not worry about. I highlight a week to remind me to get back to it and plow ahead. At times, it's best for me to stop and take a walk. It's amazing how some things come to mind when I let my mind wander. I come back inside and get that on paper. Sometimes, I stare at a blank page and the best thing to do is just start writing: "Mitch picked up a pen..." and let my fingers tell me what Mitch does next. Many more thoughts on this, but now for one of my favorite methods to kick in---when I'm inspired to write something on my next book, the time to do that is now. Later, my friends.

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